Owner Extraordinnaire!

Danny was the kid in the neighborhood you went to to fix your bike. As you grew older, you took your first motorcycle or car to him. Mechanically and electronically gifted, Danny enrolled in college to further his knowledge of automotive and electronic technologies.

With his skill, it didn't take Danny long open to his first automotive repair shop, Auto Milano on 2015 Blake Street in Berkeley California in 1978, next door to "The Blake Street Hawkeyes Theatre" where Whoopi Goldberg started her career.

Originally, Danny specialized in servicing and repairing Italian automobiles, being a first-generation Italian and even having spent part of his childhood in Italy.

Over the years Danny has expanded his knowledge and expertise to also service most domestic and imported automobiles.

In 1995, Danny decided to relocate Auto Milano to the other side of the Bay in Marin County. He purchased a well-known shop, Gordon's Garage, in San Rafael, when the owner Gordon wanted to move out-of-state.

Today, you'll find Auto Milano has undergone a facelift, thanks to Danny's good friend and associate, Michelangelo (Renaldo Ratto).

Danny has developed a reputation for taking excellent care of his customers, developing a loyal following. He is thorough, honest and consistently professional with all his customers.

Danny's interests:

Italian Culture
Pictures from current Italy

Film and Media
Italian Film Festival (Marin)
San Francisco Film Festival

Mill Valley Film Festival

N.I.C.E. (New Italian Cinema Events)

Milano Film Festival

Computers and Information Technology

Metaphysics and Spirituality

Winter Sports